Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Guest Singer

Lisa gets to sing with a future star. What a cutie!
We had a great time at the farmer's market in Provo

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Don't put the cue ball in your mouth!

While we were in Parowan, we stayed at the Days Inn - the only hotel in town... Anyhoo, they had a pool/billard table in the lobby and I wanted to play. I really don't know how... and had a hard time getting used to it.

Just looking at these two pictures, can you guess who won??

Besides the fact that I 'sunk' (I learned something) the 8 ball waaaay too early in the game, or the fact that I put the cue ball down more than any of my own balls, or the fact that Danielle put two of my balls and ALL of hers down... I still did pretty well...

Iron County Fair

This weekend we went to the Iron County Fair. We spent two days there and played two 30 minute shows. It was so much fun! Aside from getting kicked off stage (Friday) to make way for the cloggers, it went really well. The best part was the people we met. Joyce, Heather and the rodeo clown's wife (sorry :( I never caught your name) were the coolest ever! We also stayed to watch a few of the other acts. The Ukulele Ladies, Off The Cuff and the square dancers were so fun! It was great; I hope we get to go down again next year. :)