Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Camp He Ho Ha, here we come!

Bittersweet just got invited to participate in a Bluegrass Workshop in Canada! We'll play a short set the first night we're there and then lead classes to teach beginner/intermediate bluegrass players for the weekend. I'm so excited to get involved with young musicians and the trip to Canada (my first trip across the border) will really rock my world! I talked to Ron Mercer, the man in charge, last night a gave him a definate 'yes.' I also learned a few more things about the workshop that are very fun! They get all sorts of instructors to help lead groups and there will be a master fiddler that I'm stoked about meeting and learning from. We also talked about what groups we'd all lead and I get to do a fiddle class! What fun!

You can find out more about the event at http://www.bluegrassnorth.com/.

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Diane Kirkpatrick said...

It will be quite the adventure! Since I've already visited Edmonton, I'll be the know-it-all. K?